Human being and art figure in a dome-theatre, 2021

Tanz, Full-Dome-Live-Videos, elektronische Musik im immersiven Spatial-Audio in sehr spezifischen Figurinen auf der Bühne als „Live-Full-Dome-Spektakels“ im Planetarium Bochum: Mensch und Kunstfigur im Kugeltheater

Form and colour, space, movement, language and sound, idea and composition. All other independent or human-related forms of appearance on stage result from them: form as linear, plane, plastic form (scenery, props, costumes); colour as colour form, as coloured light, transparency, projection and shadow; space in its dimensions, its changeability through division and movement; movement itself as mechanical of forms and as organic of man in dance and pantomime; language as abstract sound, communicating word, designed song; the musical sound of instruments and apparatus; the idea of using the available means to design optical, mechanical, acoustic and dramatic processes.
Oskar Schlemmer “field of instruction: man” (bauhaus dessau 1928)

Mensch und Kunstfigur im Kugeltheater

The Lacquer Ballet, 2019

Eine Hommage an Oskar Schlemmer

I have embarked on an adventure. I can’t help it. The opportunity is there. I’m doing a ballet of lacquer for the anniversary party on December 6. I’ve said this once before. Now I’m being taken at my word. Actually, I don’t mind doing it. You can do something very attractive with simple means. Just out of coloured lacquered cardboard, balls, sticks and so on.
Letter to Tut Schlemmer, Wuppertal, 4.11.1941