HexenHütten TraumPaläste, 2018


Parcour-theater performance reflecting the architecture that is featured in the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. The video documents the full "guided tour" through an exhibition that gradually becomes more and more immersive, using more and more media technology. The tour guides increasingly transform into characters from a fairy tale.

Satellites, 2017


Space exploration has always been a political matter. In the Cold War space became a theater for a battle of ideologies - the so called Space Race. Who are the combatants in today’s space technology and space journeys? What world views are forged in outer space now?

Akademgorodok, 2016


Science and technology are meant to improve the world. But how and where do people conduct their research beset? In a metropolis or at a remote lab at the end of the world? In South-Siberia there is a science city called Akademgorodok since the late 50ies, a very successfull place with particle accelerators, fusion reactors, and, as of recently, Start-Ups and IT companies. What happens to a utopian dream of an ideal science city in the age of globalization - the era of migrating „high-potentials“ - the so called brain-drain? post theater set up an A.I., an artificial intelligence, that organizes the evening and asks contemporary dancers to feed input.

House of hope, 2016

Sound Of Music

A theater performance about residing, residents and residences between nightmare and vision Everybody resides somewhere, but for more and more people it becomes difficult to find an appropriate place of dwelling. In most cities around the world the increase in prices for rental housing or apartments for sale is a number one topic in both media and on the streets. Many people are forced to move into less attractive neighborhoods due to the gentrification of down-town areas. Or they are compromising the space of their place - and their comfort. House of Hope starts a new movement against the crisis of housing.

Jobs in Heaven, 2014

Jobs in Heaven

"Steve Jobs and Robert Bosch meet in Heaven…" That’s not the beginning of some engineer’s joke but the premise for a reflection on two visionaries, entrepreneurs and human beings. What’s really been the motivating forces behind these legendary characters? Certainly a lot has been said about Steve Jobs. And maybe a lot should be said about Robert Bosch. Post Theater tries a resurrection of Bosch’s and Job’s technical, political and social visions.

Video setup

Componemt / Hardware
Mac Mini 2009.
HD Videoprojector.
Software features
5 individually adjustable areas.
2 video players.
Video and sound cueing.
Full OpenGL accelerated.
Jobs in Heaven

Express Fight Club, 2010


“Express Fight Club” is a performance on the question how and by what identity is generated. The novel and movie “Fight Club” (by Chuck Palahniuk / David Fincher) are not important for the project - the sources’ idea of forming a subversive group is. post theater has created a “Fight Club: A Chorus” with 48 performers in Singapore and Berlin (National Museum of Singapore, 2007, State Opera Berlin, 2008).